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VITTA 2012 (August 6-7 2012)

I was privileged to attend to VITTA conference in August. I presented a hands-on session about the use of Edmodo. Two of the main elements I took from the conference were Yong Zhao’s keynote about students as entrepreneurs and the involvement of the Ed Tech Crew in their regular tech-inspired podcast.


ULearn 10 (first week of October 2010)
The first keynote speaker was Lee Crockett from Canada. He talked about perceptual blindness and showed the example below. This comes from Dan Simon’s research on the “The Invisible Gorilla” – Perceptual Blindness. If we do not have a specific frame of reference then our brains refuse to see it. It made me think that this sort of thing happens a lot in education. Students are told what to learn for a test, learn those facts, ignore those facts etc. This is what I kept thinking of as he discussed this theory.

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