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My name is Rick Kayler-Thomson.  I am currently a Grade 5/6 teacher in the Senior Learning Community at Ocean Grove Primary School in Victoria, Australia.  

From 2006 to 2009, I was a Grade 5/6 teacher in the Senior Learning Unit at Bellaire Primary School in Geelong, Victoria; an open learning unit where students are presented with the chance to personalise their learning and select workshops that target their interests and learning styles. From 2010-2012 I worked in the Grade 3/4 Middle Learning Unit.

I teach across all curriculum areas with a particular focus upon using blogs, online social networking, digital photography and movie making to foster community engagement with the students. I am primarily responsible for all the projects described on this blog including Passion Projects, Puzzle blogs, Middle Learning Unit blog, iPadography student blog, various wikispaces, Skype debating and the use of Edmodo in and out of the classroom space.

I am one half of the ‘2 Regular Teachers’ podcast. Many of my reflections that don’t quite reach this blog, find their way into this weekly podcast.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rick,

    I’m a French teacher in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and am looking to introduce and implement Edmodo as a collaborative learning site to extend my limited face to face time with students. Would love to have a chat to discuss how you implemented the it at your school if you have the chance? Happy to communicate via email, or if possible by phone. You can reach me on (03) 9646 1001. Would really appreciate the advice.


    Jamie Briones

  2. G’day Jamie,
    Thanks for your correspondence.
    Great to hear you are keen to implement Edmodo in your classroom. The best thing about starting out with Edmodo is that you can begin really small and slowly build up from there.
    Perhaps email or Skype would be best.

    My email is:
    Skype username: ‘rickman218’

    Look forward to sharing some stuff.


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