‘Back To The Future’ Day 2015

Although this is not all related to education, it does relate to relationships, the arts and the elements that make us who we are. I thought I would share…


I think it was sometime in early 1990 that I saw a poster for the release of Back To The Future III. I was nearly 11 years old. I don’t recall who told me to watch the original film, I’m guessing it was a fellow 10 year old friend. It was on TV and I recorded it on the family VCR. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I was 5 years late in watching it but I felt like I’d just discovered a film that would be mine forever. Mum took me down to the video rental store to hire Back To The Future II and so my preparation for the release of the final film in the trilogy was complete.


I remember some other things:

  • daydreaming about going back myself and becoming mates with my younger dad
  • having nightmares about going back myself and having mum hit on me
  • Going to see the third instalment 3 times at the cinema. I guess I was making up for missing the first 2. One of those times was with another school mate and two female classmates. I’d never been to the movies with a girl before!
  • Dressing up as Marty McFly for Book Day at primary school. Mum even found me a life preserver! The same school mate donned the garb and white hair (cotton balls in this case) of Doc Brown. I recall intense discussion in the lead up as to who would be who. Rock, Paper, Scissors was not utilised if I remember rightly. Only a time machine would solve that mystery. We knew the questions would come. ‘Back To The Future’ is not a book! Our respective parents helped us look everywhere for a book version of the first film or perhaps they just looked for us. Although I don’t recall how or where, one was found. I believe we had the book with us all that day just to provide legitimacy to our teachers and peers who quizzed us incessantly.
  • I loved the soundtrack. Marty smashing ‘Johnny B. Goode’ is still one of the greatest triumphs on screen, better than anything Batman or Gandalf accomplished. Huey Lewis became one of my favourite bands for a time (no shame). Although Mum might have felt some for she was angry when, some years later, I used some money I’d saved to buy their ‘Best of’.
  • The ‘Back To The Future’ theme is a classic. The first soundtrack had a mix of pop songs and orchestral pieces on it. The soundtrack to the second film was all orchestra. An Aunty bought me the second soundtrack as a birthday gift around 1990. She said to me, ‘I don’t think you’ll like it. It’s all classical music.’ But here was the soundtrack to my daydreams. I could have it in my headphones any time I wanted.
  • One night at Etihad Stadium, the lights went black and before Coldplay took to the stage, the ‘Back To The Future Main Theme’ blasted across the field and stands. I flew!


Above all, the story always came back to friendship and family for me. As a kid, it really annoyed me when Doc chose to stay ‘within time’ with Clara and not go back with Marty. But now I understand. Loyalty, love and care. Being good enough to hug your friends with feeling and cry with them if you needed. Telling your parents how important they are. That’s why today is much more than a bunch of nerds sucking on pop culture. Things like this are part of us.


Long live ‘Back To The Future’ Day!

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

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