Using Edmodo with Grade 3/4

This year I have really been pushing the use of Edmodo both in and out of the classroom as a social networking tool.  I began using it last year with a grade 5/6 class based on the advice of @mrpbps.  This year it is being utilised across an entire Grade 3/4 unit of 180 students.  In my professional development over the past 12 months or more, I have not met anybody using Edmodo with students at this young age.  I would love to hear from any that are. 

Many students are using it from home as a space to communicate with each other and their teachers.  I will attempt to post an array of interesting things that have occurred on our Edmodo space thus far in 2010.  Here is one nice little moment below.  Early this term I was struck down with a nasty virus (as most teachers can relate to) and had numerous days stuck on the couch at home.  I came back to school for a time, then was back home again.  I just couldn’t shake it.  This was a note posted as a ‘direct’ message to me from one of my grade 3 students while I was away.


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  1. HI!

    I am a high school teacher and a BIG edmodo user. I discovered it in September last year and introduced it to our staff a month later. It has now practically taken over the school! First off I had just my senior class and my year 9 class on board. Year 9 have been given netbooks by the government (as you would know) and the school has been fully fitted with wireless internet.

    Edmodo solved the problem of how to share resources/links/assignments with the students in a user-friendly immediately accessible way. There are tonnes more benefits of edmodo, but I’m sure you’re aware of them.

    This year teachers have set up groups for junior classes as well – it’s working great for teacher/student communication.

    Yesterday I attended a workshop with my English faculty and 60 primary teachers from 5 feeder schools in our area. I have set up an edmodo group to get some communication happening between the schools and am keen to get some of them to use it with their students.

    I will let you know how it goes!


    PS: When I clicked on the edmodo image in your post it opened a page of jumbled code? :0)

  2. Hi

    I am using edmodo in my novel study groups this term and they love it. I teach year 5 and we have 3 groups reading 3 different novels. All of which have the central hteme of being set in WW2. We have different questions posed each week which they have to answer in edmodo. The kids are really engaged and some of them get so into it that they write heaps. Way more than if it was in a book or typed. I will definately use edmodo in this way again

  3. I’ve been thinking of using Edmodo for a while now, but reading stories like this about students’ engagement is making me feel I need to get a move on and just do it!

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